Female Stripper (R-Rated and X-Rated)

A private party stripper or showgirl is an entertainer who can put on a good strip show for a bucks party or special occasion and can be very lucrative sector of the adult industry for those at the top of their field.

Mild2Wild is only currently looking to hire strippers and showgirls with experience. If you are unexperienced may we suggest you apply for a position as a topless waitress and work your way up to being a showgirl.

Being a showgirl is more than dancing on a table in a club! A showgirl needs to be able to put on a high energy and very entertaining show. You would also need to have at minimum 3 costumes and have a routine put together with professionally mixed music as well as a driver if you plan on doing many shows per night.

Showgirls are those who excel under pressure and can handle doing 3 – 6 shows per night, going from job to job. This also means a showgirl must have excellent time management skills and have a very reliable car.

Photo use for promotions: This is a requirement, we must have you on our website in order to get you work as our customers are visual and each client is asked to pick models from the site that they would like to book. Without photos you simply will not be requested for jobs and therefore you will get no work.

Showgirls pay varies from state to state however we pay in most cases above industry standard rates. Currently in Queensland and Victoria we are pushing for higher pay rates to ensure that the quality of showgirls entering the industry are maintained to a very high level.
Please note that Mild2Wild is not interested in working with showgirls who run their own agency or work for any more then 5 other agencies.

If you would like to organize an application interview please fill out our online application and we will have a company representative in your area contact you.

Online Application

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