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Mild2Wild is one of the only agencies that still interviews face-to-face their applicants and this is the secret to our success!

Many online agencies will only require applicants to fill out an online booking form and send some photos. We find this unprofessional and is jeopardising the industry.
We believe it’s vital that you meet who is sending you to jobs before you even sign up with an agency. You would never get a regular job without a face to face interview therefore why should this line of work be any different?

Mild2Wild warns any applicant doing over the phone or online interviews and sending photos and phone numbers anywhere, as who knows who you’re sending your very personal information to.

We would like to issue a warning to any applicant who is being hired through email or phone call as this is the most integral part of the business, who knows what else they are compromising?

As an agency representative of you, we know how important it is for you to meet us and how much more important it is for us to meet you. We do our entire applicant interviews one on one and/or in a group setting in a open public place. We welcome you to bring a friend if need be and we are also very happy to answer any questions you have on the day

We look forward to meeting all of our applicants very soon. Application interviews take approx 45 minutes – 90 minutes depending on what position you are applying for.

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